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Om hvorfor man ikke blir bedre--hva med inflammasjon og autoimmunitet-- Borreliose tetter igjen receptorene i cellene

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Hi Sheila Here is some more info, it mentions Pituitary and other endocrine abnormalities. I still haven't found a specific link to Adrenals, but the mention of activation of the inflammatory cascades implication in receptor blockade would surely include adrenals? Pituitary and other endocrine abnormalities are far more common than generally realised. Evaluate fully, including growth hormone levels. When testing the thyroid, measure free T3 and free T4 levels and TSH. Nuclear scanning and testing for autoantibodies may be necessary.... Activation of the inflammatory cascade has been implicated in blockade of cellular hormone receptors. One example of this is insulin resistance, which may partly account for the dyslipidemia and weight gain that is noted in 80% of chronic Lyme patients. Clinical hypothyroidism can result from receptor blockade and thus hypothyroidism can exist despite normal serum hormone levels. In addition to measuring free T3 and T4 levels, check basal A.M. body temperatures. If hypothyroidism is found, you may need to treat with both T3 and T4 preparations until blood levels of both are normalised. [Extract from: ILADS, DIAGNOSTIC HINTS AND TREATMENT GUIDELINES, FOR LYME AND OTHER TICK BORNE ILLNESSES, by: JOSEPH J. BURRASCANO JR., M.D. Fourteenth Edition, November, 2002] All the best - Jean

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As they say there is nothing like the fervour of the newly converted! So I would like to defend my new hero(see my Great conference thread for details of the conversion!).
The question has been raised as to how many negative results he is getting to his borrelia test? If they are all or mostly all positive isn't this a little suspicious?
According to the October 2003 newsletter on if you are chronically unwell you will probably test positive to the test for Borelia. Now this wouldn't be a problem if you were well, but as we want to get better and Armour isn't making much of an impression then we need to tackle the infection. If our T3 receptors are blocked by Borelia then adding piles of T3( up to 100mg as per Dr Lowe) will probably make little impact(it didn't for me).
So cut the guy some slack! He says he is miles better taking Samento, thats good enough for me!

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I fully agree with you, I would have thought the reason that most of the tests are positive is because the reason we are all patients of Dr. Wrights is because we are all not well on thyroxine and have been unsucessfully trying to convert t4 to t3 for years. And the NHS has not dealt with us. I for one thank my lucky stars that I choose Dr. Wright to make me well with my thyroid and even more so now that it is Dr. Wright that is trying to make a big difference to our health. Including his own.

I personally have been lucky in that the armour has worked a treat, it was like waking from a nightmare. However the pain of lymes has remained with me (I was diagnosed in 1995) and I for one truly believe that Dr. Wright only works in our best interest. I have been a patient with him for 12 months and I have only ever paid for one consultation and two repeat private prescriptions, the armour yes I have to pay for but when I was a smoker years back I could have paid that out for cigarettes, that's how I look at it.

Any blood tests that could be done on the NHS Dr. Wright has requested my GP do them so they are working together as a team along with me.

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Hey everybody - how dare anyone criticise Dr. W. I feel the most privileged girl in the whole world to have found this wonderful man and I thank God every day.for him. Before Dr. W. I can only remember that I had no hope whatsoever of regaining my health or a quality of life at all. NOW - this wonderful man has opened doors I never knew existed. He has given me hope. I do have my off days still, but we are getting there and now being treated for borreliosis is so exciting. I can't wait to see how my body reacts to future medication once this course is finished.
I cannot understand the scepticism as to why the majority of us are testing positive for borreliosis - we all went to see him initially to find out WHY we were not getting better -and (for a lot of us) he has found the reason- we are carrying a bacteria which we never knew about. It is such a wonderful thing that he has researched and almost given up his life these past few months to find this connection. He really believes that so many illnesses, including heart attacks, so many cancers and so many premature deaths are caused by this nasty, nasty bacteria. The consequences of his ground-breaking discovery and research could be absolutely massive for the world at large - and we are at the forefront of all this. I feel very proud that I have met him.
To the ones who are cynical about him, I would say - why did you go to see him in the first place if you don't want to listen to him or take his advice? Take another look at what he trying to do for you - and respect that. He is doing what he is doing for YOU.
Feeling a bit sensitive here Jo - were you referring to me regarding others giving out wrong information to people - i.e. Samento price and dosage etc., You will see I have already apologised to everybody for that - I read 120 doses as 120 drops. We have all been guilty of doing that at some time or other - I feel enough of an idiot as it is. But - as I have said before..... every cloud has a silver lining - just think how wonderful we all felt when we DID find out that the information I had given had been wrong. I know I felt brilliant.
LONG LIVE DR WRIGHT !!!!!!!!!! Ta Ta for now - Sheila (2 DROPS TODAY!)

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Hello all (I don't know how to do a general reply, when I click on reply it shows last posts/persons name on there). Anyway, I have also been dx'd with Borrelia very recently - I knew a bit about Lyme's before that, but I know even more now as I've been fervently reading, reading, reading for the last 2-3 weeks.
I have also been sent Samento by Dr. Wright (whom I think is fantastic and sincerely interested as a doctor). However I do question whether this Samento is going to be enough to kill spirochetes. I can see no evidence pointing that way. It is a very very hard to kill pathogen. I have found no evidence anywhere that says Samento cures spirochetal infections. It seems to me that most people who get much better or are "cured" (if we ever will be) of Borrelia have got there through either a combination of long-term (years) abx and alternative stuff, or just conventional stuff - but, mostly a combination seemingly.
My slight concern is that although Dr. Wright is obviously a pioneer in developing a test which can clearly identify spirochetes in our blood - he may not be experienced enough in Lyme's Disease. I understand he is "learning" and is consulting with knowledgeable experts.
I guess I want to be sure I am working with someone who knows how to kill these critters dead for sure and has experience of doing so over and over as some of the more well-known experts.
Having said that, everyone has to start somewhere and I am sure he will become an expert at some point down the line. What I haven't decided is whether I want to spend the time in trial-error "experiments" in trying to kill the spirochete - or go straight to someone with many many successful cases behind them.
So, I hope noone sees this as disrespect to Dr. Wright in any way - I respect him, that's for sure. I am just not clear on his level of experience in dealing with curing Borrelia. (because it seems to me, ifyou don't get it right - there's no point in doing it in the first place).

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Hi Jean Great minds think alike !!!! I too am wondering about partners being affected and Howard has decided to take a maintenance dose of Samento hopefully to get rid of any little blighters he may be harbouring. I am also wondering about passing it on to your children. After all, Kevin, my son has been suffering with this for 26 years and I am now wondering if I was the culprit. Jean - about getting information from NutraMedix - write to BUGMA (Eileen), she has been talking to them at their Irish Office - I am sure she will give you their number etc., I am sure more and more information is going to come out on these points because it is now apparently known that lyme and other borrelia can be passed on sexually, through the placenta and though breast milk. See below -


This is an abstract presented by Dr. Bach at the International Scientific Conference on Lyme Disease, April, 2001.
Dr. Gregory Bach, Do.O., P.C. 2415 North Broad Street, Colmar, PA 18915
Lyme disease, being a spirochete with pathology similar to syphilis, is often found difficult to treat due to the spirochete invading sanctuary
sites and displaying pleomorphic characteristics such as a cyst (L-form).
Because a significant portion of sexually active couples present to my office with Lyme disease, with only one partner having a history of tick exposure, the question of possible secondary (sexual)vector of transmission for the spirochete warrents inquiriy.
Additionally, sexually active couples seem to have a marked propensity for antibiotic failure raising the question of sexually active couples
re-infecting themselves through intimate contact.
METHODS: Lyme spirochetes/DNA have been recovered from stored animal semen. Recovery of spirochete DNA from nursing mother's breast milk and unbilical cord blood by PCR (confirmed by culture/microscopy), have been found in samples provided to my office.


Suprisingly, initial laboratory testing of semen samples provided by male
Lyme patients (positive by western blot/PCR in blood) and the male sexual
partner of a Lyme infected female patient were positive approximately 40% of
the time. PCR recovery of Lyme DNA nucleotide sequences with microscopic
confirmation of semen samples yielded positive results in 14/32 Lyme
patients (13 male semen samples and 1 vaginal pap).
ALL positive semen/vaginal samples in patients with known sexual partners
resulted in positive Lyme titers/PCR in their sexual partners. 3/4 positive
semen patients had no or unknown sexual partners to be tested. These
preliminary findings warrent futher study. Current a statistical design
study to evaluate the possibility of sexual transition of the spirochete is
being undertaken.
Our laboratory studies confirm the existence of Lyme spirochetes in
semen/vaginal secretions. Whether or not further clinical studies with a
larger statistical group will support the hypothesis of sexual transmission
remains to be seen. A retrospective clinical study is also underway.
We are reviewing the medical records, collecting semen samples of patients
who were previously diagnosed with current and previously treated Lyme
disease are bing asked to provide semen,pap and blood samples for extensive
laboratory testing.


With the initially impressive data, we feel the subsequent statistical sudy
on the sexual transmission of the Lyme spirochete will illuminate a much
broader sectrum of public health concerns associated with the disease than
the originally accepted tick borne vector.

Sexual transmission.

See Military on Lyme Disease section..
Or go directly to link:,1996_mednews&perspect.htm

Spring Brings Tick Threat to Peace Enforcers JAMA, May15,1996, Medical News
& Perspective

Comments from Website author: JAMA writes here of a caution for troops in
Bosnia-Herzegovina (which I believe also extends to the Mid-East region)
that tick-borne disease is a danger. They caution that the same risks are
additionally associated with mosquitoes, sand flies, fleas, mites, biting
flies, and lice. "Desert Storm Syndrome" parallels one characteristic of
Lyme in that this spirochetal infection also can be sexually transmitted to

AS THE HALFWAY point approaches in the year-long North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO) peace-enforcement effort in Bosnia-Herzegovina, military
are putting more physicians emphasis than ever on keeping US troops healthy.
US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel in the former
Yugoslavia are carrying laminated plastic cards reminding them of the
diseases that can be transmitted via various vectors there, particularly
ticks (JAMA. 1994;272:337-340 and p 1470 in this issue). With the arrival of
warmer weather, ticks are expected to be a problem until as late as
Although there is talk of a few troops staying longer, November and early
December are when US forces are supposed to withdraw (JAMA. 1996;275:24).
President Clinton made a public pledge to extract US troops within a year of
the December 20, 1995, date when NATO assumed peace-enforcement duties from
the United Nations, meaning that pull-out planning could begin as early as
next month.
In the meantime, US Military physicians are concerned about tick-born
encephalitis and Lyme Disease, for which Ixodes ricinus is the primary
vector; Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, for which Hyalomma marginatum
marginatum is the primary vector, and perhaps boutonneuse fever
rickettsiosis or Bhanja virus fever, also transmitted by the bite of an
infective tick.
Troops are being urged to tuck their trousers in their boots and otherwise
cover their skin when in tick-infested areas, use tick repellent, check
frequently for the presence of ticks on clothing or skin, and to remove
ticks carefully, seeking medical assistance if possible and applying an
antiseptic to the bite site.
What's more, US troops are reminded that mosquitoes, sand flies, fleas,
mites, biting flies and lice may also present a disease threat in specific
locations. Use of repellents and "maintaining good personal hygiene" are
In addition, there is the potential for hantavirus (Bunyaviridae family)
infection, a cause of hemorrhagic fever or respiratory problems, and thought
to result from direct contact with, or inhaling, dust contaminated by
infected rodents' excretions. Thus, rats, mice, squirrels, voles, and other
rodents also are a concern for the military in the Balkans (JAMA.
1996;275:422 and Lancet. 1996;347:30), and troops are being cautioned to
"mist" or lightly spray previously unoccupied areas to avoid dust inhalation
before mopping or sweeping preparatory to moving in. Removing trash and
sources of water, sealing tiny wall openings, and using repellents can
reduce the chance of disease transmission from rodents, the troops are
advised. They are told to seek immediate medical assistance if bitten or
scratched by a rodent.
The US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, Aberdeen
(Md) Proving Ground, has been working on these and other health-precaution
efforts. As always, American GIs have their own name for the laminated
materials, calling them "tick cards."
So far, there has been no major increase in illness or injury among US
troops participating in the peace-enforcement effort. John G. Jernigan, MD,
the US Air Force brigadier general-designee who is command surgeon, Air
Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill, says that, to date, there has
been no increase in demand for aeromedical evacuation above that normally
required to support US troop activity in Europe other than
--by Phil Gunby

All the other clinicians with whom the authors spoke agreed that Lyme has
reached epidemic proportions. How is this possible? Obviously 25% of
Americans haven't been bitten by one of a select few species of ticks. The
answer is that Lyme is not transmitted just by ticks.
"Of the more than 5,000 children I've treated, 240 have been born with the
disease," says Dr. Jones, who specializes in Pediatric and Adolescent
Medicine. "Twelve children who've been breast-fed have subsequently
developed Lyme. Bb can be transmitted transplacentally, even with in vitro
fertilization; I've seen eight children infected in this way.
People from Asia who come to me with the classic Lyme rash have been
infected by fleas and gnats."
Gregory Bach, D.O., presented a study on transmission via semen at the
American Psychiatric Association meeting in November 2000. He confirmed Bb
DNA in semen using the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction). Dr. Bach calls
Bb "a brother" to the syphilis spirochete because of their genetic
similarities. For that reason, when he treats a Lyme patient in a
relationship, he often treats the spouse; otherwise, he says, they can just
pass the Bb back and forth, reinfecting each other.
Dr. Tang adds other avenues of infection: "Transmission may also occur via
blood transfusion and through the bite of mosquitoes or other insects." Dr.
Cowden contends that unpasteurized goat or cow milk can infect a person with

Synthesis of the Work of Enderlein, Bechamps and other Pleomorphic

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Hi Everyone - At long last I have heard from Dr. Wright about my latest odd problems. He has 'upped' my Armour to 2 grains and told me to double my DHEA - so from today, I am now taking 50 mgs. I will wait a couple of months or so and then have another 24 hour salivary test done with NPTech. I am still suffering terrible hyperthermia every evening (at the same time) I have to put a duvet over me and fill a hot water bottle and I can hardly move when I have to stand from sitting with the awful pain over my kidneys . I have to stand a while until I get the strengh back in my legs - they feel like they would collapse under me. Once I have 'settled' then I am OK and walk about for ages without pain. Went to the clinic this morning to have more bloods done - but my darling doc. would not do an Rt3 (which I really need) because my last FT3 was really low. She says this is a 'Specialist' job.

Have any of you who are patients of Dr. Wright received a 'blood-letting' kit from him recently? He asked me to prick my finger and collect a tiny drop on a slide and then send it back to him to arrive the following day. Then he is testing it for Borrelia. He told me that he definitely thinks that this is why I am having problems converting T4 > T3 and that my hormone receptors are blocked. He says that he believes that the majority of us are suffering from Borrelia and that is probably because once upon a time we were bitten by an infected tic of some kind. You can apparently get 'Lyme's disease' from being bitten in any part of the world and because of the tremendous amount of research he is doing, he says that he is positive that the majority of us can be cured.

Basically, if you have been infected, all that is necessary is for your blood to be completely 'sterlized'. There are several ways of doing this - some seem quite frightening - but he promises that all are safe. One I know is having to have injections of Arsenic (in a safe dose) twice a day, self administered in your bum - and he says that this is extremely painful- but, for 10 days- what the hell! Another is to have MASSIVE amounts of antibiotics, again twice a day for quite a lengthy time. There were about 10 or so different things that could be done to cleanse your blood of this infection - but all of them were pretty expensive. It is just deciding which pathway is the best one for you to take!!

My first thought was OK - brilliant, if this is what it takes to put me right then I will go ahead and do it - and be glad that there was the promise of a possible cure - but Arsenic - god forbid!!

I am now waiting for my test results to come back - will keep you informed. If what Dr. Wright says is true - then I reckon that 80% of you out there are affected by Borrelia and if so, he can make you better. The reearch he is involved in at the molment is tremendous. Ain't life interesting?

Luv - Sheila

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Sheila - I wrote to Dr Wright during August and Jenny rang me the other day now he has started to catch up on his post following his holiday. He has suggested this test for me too, I'm waiting for the kit to arrive.

I don't have the sort of problems you have. My thyroid is now pretty stable after 3 years of experimenting with different meds, I've now settled down back on 125mcg Eltroxin. Could possibly be tweaked a touch but may try that soon.

My main problem is fatigue - CFS/ME according to Dr Wright and this is why the test for Borrelia has been suggested for me.

So is he saying that Borellia is a factor in thyroid problems or fatigue problems or both or something else?

From: CELIAREID Sep-4 2:02 pm To: SHEILATURNE1 (3 of 156)1980.3 in reply to 1980.1

Hi Sheila,

I too have the 'kit' and am about to do the blood slide to confirm Borrelia. I say 'confirm' because Doc Wright seems convinced most of us, if not all with CFS/ME, will have it.

Go to the following site and look quite a way down at the symptoms checklist. You will see how similar to Hypothyroidism they are.

Oh, and it doesn't have to be a tic bite, it can be any insect (flea for instance) that has fed on an infected animal.

The arsenic compound that is injected into the bum is painful because it is very thick apparently. Dr. Wright has talked about adding Lidocaine (sp?) to the injection to help kill the pain.


From: CELIAREID Sep-6 8:38 am To: WALLACES3 (10 of 156) 1980.10 in reply to 1980.7

Hi Wallace,

You said: 'The question I come back to is whether by optimising your thyroid and metabolic program you can gradually shake off this (Lyme disease). At the forthcoming Thyroid UK conference maybe other doctors can give their views, if we ask them!'

Oh if only it were that simple!!!

I have found that those of us on this forum who have NOT got better on any type of thyroid medication, and whatever else we might have tried, are the ones who have sought help from Dr. Wright and subsequently been diagnosed with CFS/ME/Borrelia.

As you found out from reading the notes on the website about Lyme diease I gave in a previous post, Borrelia actually blocks thyroid receptor sites and that's why I personally believe that I am doing better on Armour, which has T3 in it, than I ever did on Thyroxine alone. I am still not well though. Dr. Wright believes that until the Borrelia itself is dealt with we will never be well, and then with the thyroid receptor sites working better we may need less thyroid medication, depending of course on how much permanent damage has been caused.

It's not only thyroid receptor sites that are compromised by Borrelia though, and in my case it would seem that other parts of my endocrine system are involved. For years, since I was about 45, I have been told by GPs that I am in the Menopause, and as with the Thyroxine they have given me larger and larger doses of hormone replacement therapy to try to overcome my symptoms, all to no avail. Now I know why!

It may do little good to ask other doctors at the ThyroidUK conference for their opinions, as little is known on this subject by anyone other than those who are actively studying it. Dr Wright is at the forefront of this research in this country, and is in contact with others who are conducting similar research around the world. It really is groundbreaking stuff, and he is making huge strides very fast. Others are not so knowledgeable!

I honestly don't believe that you can take as gospel your internet diagnosis of Lyme disease. The only real way of diagnosing the disease is to actually have it seen under a microscope by someone who is qualified in looking for these types of bacteria.